Архив за месяц: Август 2017

Combative Dubossary 27.08.2017

Dubossary is the site of one of the oldest settlements in Moldova, and the Transnistrian region. Stone age artifacts have been found in the area, and there are several kurgans (presumed Scythian) around the city. First mentions of modern Dubossary date to the beginning of the 16th century, as a fair populated by Moldavian peasants. The settlement became part of the Russian Empire in 1792, and was granted city status in 1795. It was part of Kherson Governorate from 1803 to 1922.

In 1924-1940, Dubăsari was part of the Soviet-created Moldavian ASSR. The town was heavily industrialized during the pre-WWII period. In the course of World War II, in 1940, when Bessarabia was occupied by the Soviet Union, it became part of the newly created Moldavian SSR. On 27 July 1941, the town was occupied by German and Romanian troops. It was re-captured by Soviet forces in the summer of 1944.

In 1951-1954, the Dubossary dam, and a 48 MW hydroelectric power plant Dubossarskaya GES was constructed, and Dubossary Reservoir was formed.

Dubossary and its suburbs were the site of major conflict during 1990-1992, that eventually culminated in the War of Transnistria (1992). Since then, it has been controlled by the breakaway administration of Transnistria.

The city's economy was significantly damaged during the war in 1992.

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Cool Grigoriopol! 18.08.2017

Town Grigoriopol is located in central Transnistria. Grigoriopol is composed of the city itself, and a small village Crasnoe. The town itself had a population of 11,473 in 2004. There a very beautiful nature in Grigoriopol district. There is the Dniester river and everybody can look magical landscapes in sunset or sunrise time! Look photos from Grigoriopol!

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To date with the mind… 15.08.2017

That to find the soul gate,
At first you need to meditate!
To change the wheel of your fate
And with your mind to date!

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Wonderful Camenca! 14.08.2017

Camenca is located in the North of Transnistria! It's a wonderful place! This region can already be called Precarpathian! Differences in heights  are quite noticeable in the Camenca region.

So, this land has a great cultural heritage. This territory was in the consist of the Ancient Russia, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Ottoman Empire, The Russian Empire... Ancient land. Beautiful nature! I am happy that I have been living there for several months!

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Hurt me… 13.08.2017

Don't leave me,
It's the strongest pain!
Forgive me...
If you aren't all the same!

Hurt me...
But run with me on the one way!
Never forget me...
"Vale!" never me say!

Give yourself me,
Without remnant and shame!
Give a chance for me
To make from a spark a flame!

Kiss me, and kiss!
Here and overseas!
I just want this!
Give me a soul peace!


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