Transnistria, as a dystopia 09.02.2019

“The Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.

George Orwell "1984".

Torture, unlawful arrests of political figures, missing people, demonstrative seizures of people on the territory of other states, unlimited corruption and total poverty of ordinary people. If you ask yourself the question, with which countries can all these terrible things be associated with, then it come to the mind such “failed states”, as Somalia, modern Libya, Syria and Iraq , as well as Afghanistan. But the list, as it turned out, is not quite complete ...

Terrible to admit, but now one of the European countries, Moldova, is at  the level of Iraq and Somalia. IF To be more precise, its unrecognized part OF Moldova, the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic. The most interesting thing is that, unlike in Ukraine, where the current human rights problems are connected with the civil war in two South-east regions of the Transnistria, there is no war since 1992, and the region itself has developed in a fairly peaceful way.

Of course, the Transnistrian authorities have never been particularly tolerant to nonconformity(dissent) and the repressive apparatus worked there under all regimes, be it President Igor Smirnov or Evghenii Shevciuk. But the situation began to become especially terrible even by the standards of the 4th world countries after 2016, when Vadim Krasnoselski became the President, affiliated to the local oligarchic group “ Sheriff ” , and the leadership of the “ Sheriff ” holding with it’s leader President Viktor Gushan gained complete control over the executive, legislative and judicial branches of Transnistria.

Once they took  full control over Transnistria, representatives of the holding company “ Sheriff ” did not begin with solving acute social and economic problems, but with a “witch hunt” for supporters of past President Evghenii Shevciuk, who are not connected with politics in general.. .Also, with the help of repressive measures violating all generally accepted world norms, the entire Transnistrian opposition was destroyed, and the local independent media faced enormous pressure and discrimination. .At the same time, this situation has not been received any  proper interest by Strasbourg, Brussels, Berlin or Moscow, while representatives of the Russian government are directly responsible for all the illegal actions of the current official Tiraspol.

And now we will provide to the public evidence with the most blatant facts of crimes committed over the past 2 years by representatives of the Transnistrian current government at the suggestion of the holding company “Sheriff ”.

For example, last year was completely destroyed  the Transnistrian opposition, and the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the TMR Oleg Khorjan, who was arrested on charges of  attacking employees of the Transnistrian Ministry of Internal Affairs and causing them some scratches. He was under arrest for these “terrible crimes”, which Oleg Khorjan didn’t  even commit, he had been in jail since June 2018. Details about all these events have already been written in my material “The arrest of Oleg Khorjan, as the apotheosis of political repression in Transnistria”. As a result, in November 2018, the Supreme Court of the TMR sentenced the deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria and Communist Party leader Oleg Khorjan to 4 years and 6 months of imprisonment, while even repeat offenders who actually committed similar crimes in Transnistria, were sentenced no more than 6 months of imprisonment. December 2, 2018 in the Supreme Court of the TMR, a cassation appeal against the sentence of Oleg Khorjan was considered and the court upheld this sentence. Since february 6, 2019 was early released from his duty of opposition “Oleg Horjan” the Supreme Council of the TMR. The basis was the entry into force of the sentence in his case.

Thus, we see that the entire system of the state and judicial authorities of Transnistria consciously and deliberately participates in repression against a politician who has opposition views.  Thus, representatives of state and judicial Transnistrian authorities, as well as their "shadow leaders," of holding "Sheriff" themselves must be held accountable for violations of human rights of political repression in accordance with international law, and  Organization  as the European Court of human Rights and the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg , as well as the European parliament in Brussels and the German Federal parliament in Berlin should be paid special attention  to the current situation in Transnistria especially given the fact that at the moment more than half of  "Sheriff"s holding accounts and export are  to the European Union, and to  influence the situation in Transnistria by Europe is possible, using the mechanism of economic sanctions against those who commit crimes in the sphere of human rights as well as their international criminal prosecution .To this we should also add that  holding "Sheriff" media structures are involved in a very dangerous political adventure in Germany, which should be given special attention in Berlin. The facts of all this I will attach at the end of this material.

Perfect comment for this article regarding  Oleg Horjan’s story, gave the director of ""TV and Radio" Novaia Volna", and the head of the first Internet television in Transnistria "TV Dniester" Grigorii Volovoi” .

“I consider the arrest and the 4.5 years imprisonment sentence of Oleg Khorjan, the deputy of the Supreme Council of the TMR, as a purely political decision. My opinion is: this wasn’t the decision republic’s leadership only. It was taken within a certain oligarchic group, which is now, de facto, the leaders of Transnistria. By the way, the TMR President Vadim Krasnoselski openly declares that he is a monarchist by conviction and does not like the Bolsheviks. I think that in this regard, the vectors of the current government and those behind it, came together.

To mention that according to people who attended the court sessions, the crimes for which he was convicted have not been proven. There was no evidence of him tearing shoulder straps, of beating TMR law enforcement officers. But there was a direct violation of the rights of Oleg vorjan, as a deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria, against whom physical force was used.

But this is the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the authorities simply decided to destroy the opposition leader Oleg Khorjan and bring confusion and turmoil within opposition. And to a certain extent they succeeded. People in TMR are intimidated. Let me remind you that even before the trial of the leader of the Transnistrian communists many participants were detained and imprisoned, and not even the participants, but also voters.

Unfortunately, the full “approval” with which this decision was made in the authorities of Transnistria does not help form a positive image of the republic. — It's no secret to anyone that today's Transnistria is an oligarchic ruled country, where there is no need to speak about the independence of the power and full respect for rights and freedoms. The judicial authority, in my opinion, is also controlled by the system. With its help, independent mass media of the republic and those who disagree are suppressed.

I myself faced with this unlawfulness, in a situation when our television and radio company Novaya Volna, which is the founder of Dniester TV, was sued for a completely contrived reason. An article was published on the Dniester TV website in which two photocopies of the documents were attached: a letter from the authorized Russian bank agreeing to start working on the Russian MIR payment system and the response of the PWB to stop the collaboration due to potential US sanctions and other issues.. We offered to comment on the situation to the head of the PWB and sent him a letter.

Publication outraged them, they refused to give an interview, but opened a lawsuit in court. Several decisions of the Arbitration Court (several times the defendant wasn’t duly notified and did not actually knew about the court sessions), the TV and Radio company was found guilty and sentenced to pay a fine of about 3 thousand US dollars! I must mention that no evidence proving in favor of the PWB, as well as the refutation of the published documents was presented.

The goals that they want to achieve are clear to me: the closure of the popular Transnistrian Internet TV and the elimination of the platform where anyone could express his opinion.

I can say one thing - they can’t make us to stay silent! The Truth will always find a way, and justice will sooner or later prevail!”

An excellent commentary on the current situation for this article was also given by Maxim Kuzimiciov, the son of Ghenadii Kuzimiciov, ex-minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transnistria who was kidnapped on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

In December 2016, the presidential election in Transnistria took place, as a result of which officials fully controlled by the oligarchic community came to power, represented by the Sheriff holding.  At present, in Transnistria, all branches of government are subordinate to the local oligarchy. Thus, begun a period of real lawlessness and political reprisals against officials who worked under the past President of Transnistria Evghenii SHEVCIUK, as well as murderers of businessmen, who formed even the slightest competition to the Sheriff holding, or refused to work in this company monopoly rules. The authorities of Transnistria are not able to protect people, most of whom are Russian citizens, from crimes committed against them by law TMR enforcement officials, while courts are acting in the interests of the political of this monopolist company.

The most resonant facts of lawlessness perpetrated by the authorities of Transnistria are the events related to the trial of opposition deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria, Chairman of the Communist Party of TMR Oleg Khorjan, based on fabricated criminal case. These abductions were committed by law enforcement officers and Transnistria, together with the security staff of the Sheriff holding. Other abduction of Transnistrian businessmen also took place, with the purpose of extortion and seizure of their businesses, numerous instances of fabrication of criminal cases and their illegal classification, despite their lack of information constituting a state secret.

This is what happened with my father, Ghenadi Kuzimiciov, who is now in prison in Transnistria. On July 27, about 4pm, near the Ialoveni village, Republic of Moldova, this Russian citizen was kidnapped. According to his relatives who witnessed this on 13-kilometer route Chisinau-Leuseni a gray "Toyota Avensis" car with a state number T426KK driven by citizen Tulushniuk Nicolai and Gennady Kuzmichev, was stopped by officials, dressed as Moldovan traffic police, driving around in a patrol car with registration number MAI 0321. While they were checking driving documents, a "Toyota Land cruiser Prado" drove behind us, without number plates. 4 or 5 people in civilian clothes, wearing masks, approached them using physical force against Tulushniuk Nicolai, and then removed Ghenadi Kuzimiciov from the vehicle, violently. Then Ghenadi Kuzimiciov were taken by the Toyota land cruiser car, and the same people stole Talashniuck Nicolai’s car.

Following the incident, Ghenadi Kuzimiciov’s sister Tulushniuk Christina, as well as Tulushniuk Nicolai immediately went to the police, but they refused to accept the statement about the kidnapping of Gennady Kuzmichev, About car theft, documents and property of Tulushniuk Nicolai. Police reported the arrest of Gennady Kuzmichev by law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Moldova. However, having gone round all departments of law enforcement bodies in  Republic of Moldova, where, perhaps, they could have found Gennady Kuzmichev, relatives couldn’t find him anywhere and returned to the police station, where they continued to insist on filling for kidnapping, which they accepted only after 22 hours.

When I heard about the abduction of my father, I immediately called the emergency line of the Russian Foreign Ministry, because I was sure that the organizer of the abduction was the Minister of internal affairs of Transnistria, Ruslan Mova, and its executors were the Sheriff holding’s employees and law enforcement authorities of Transnistria. I called the Foreign Ministry of Russia with the hope that they can be taken emergency measures and the Russian peacekeeping forces on the demarcation line I of the Republic of Moldova and Transnistria will not allow the transportation in a trunk of a Russian citizen from Moldovan territory to Transnistria. However, the citizen of the Russian Federation Gennady Kuzmichev, was forcefully brought to the Transnistria territory. The fact of unhindered crossing of the border by the above-mentioned cars (“Toyota Prado” and “Toyota Avensis” T426KK) was clearly recorded by a DVR camera. This entry has published by the many news resources on the Internet and is in my possession. In addition, I submitted applications to all law enforcement agencies of Russia in the case of the abduction of my father, but no response was taken.

Ghenadii Kuzimiciov, since 2012 - 2016 held public positions in the executive office of  Transnistria, was running for Presidents of Transnistria, was set in opposition to the existing  Transnistrian rule, he has repeatedly been persecuted for political reasons. His kidnapping is an act of political revenge by the authorities of Moldova and Transnistria, the power that entirely is subordinated to the holding company "Sheriff".

Fabricated criminal cases for political reasons, as in Moldova same in Transnistria, kidnapping people from Republic of Moldova and transferring them to the Transnistrian criminals are not single cases.  One of the brightest examples of such events are:the incident of kidnapping Iurii Ghervaziuk - ex - chairman of the Customs Committee of Transnistria, kidnapping businessmen Rizjov O.V and Kraskovski L. There are also many other facts.

I also am a victim of a criminal prosecution for political reasons by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova, for the execution of my duties as a worker in Ministry of internal affairs, Transnistria, which is confirmed by the  court decisions of Republic of Greece on the refusal to extradite me to the Republic of Moldova   for politically motivated reasons and other materials that I have in my possession.

Additionally I report that  Ghenadii Kuzimiciov who was  abducted - July 27 , 2018  is located on the territory of the Transnistrian region, village: Glinoe .He is being tortured and beaten, his relatives don’t have access to him, he does not receive proper medical care, he is being hold in  isolation, being illegally pressured influenced. During his abduction and transfer from the Republic of Moldova to Transnistria, the abductors and Ghenadii Kuzimiciov were driving on “Tayota vensis” and “Tayota  Land Cruiser Prado",  freely proceeding through the police posts of the Republic of Moldova, THROUGH 2 POSTS OF THE RUSSIAN PEACEKEEPING FORCES, and through the Transnistrian checkpoint, through which they also proceeded unhindered,  high speed, with the priority on the opposite lane, evidenced by videos and photographs published in the media. This is certainly evidence that the government of the Republic of Moldova was involved in the abduction of a Russian citizen, and Transnistrian authorities organized the commission of the crime.

At the same time, I get only formal answers to my many requests to the Russian government agencies, representatives of the  Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in  Republic of Moldova does not take any measures to protect Genadii Kuzimiciov, Russian Investigative Committee refuses to open a criminal case on the  abduction of a Russian citizen  the Republic of Moldova. In addition, at the present time in Russia there are a lot of Transnistrian-citizens of Russia persecuted in Transnistria for political reasons, who are in need of assistance and protection of the Russian Federation authorities.

Also, Alina Jukova prepared her commentary on this topic (Name changed for obvious reasons - approx. DE). One of the few active representatives of the real Transnistrian opposition movement.

I would like to divide the victims of the representatives of today's government in Transnistria into several categories. The first category, who had to face the most severe punishment - is “Revenge”. It includes those who suffered due to the film “Illusion of Deception “released before the 2016 elections. Here are the names of these people: Iurii Ghervaziuk, Sergey Mantalutsa , GHenadii Kuzimiciov, Vladimir Shilker and Vladimir Horujnikov .

Despite to that was broadcasted on the TV screens based on the  decisions of the court, I insisted to put Iurii Ghervaziuk into this group, as the factory " Biochim ", whose work is used as a fundament for the criminal case that was fabricated against him, at the present time is suspended, but before, this factory was working and provided work positions. In addition, to the charges, investigators "were claiming" millions of dollars, which simply could not be held by this factory.  Together with the listed citizens, have also suffered less significant employees - the operators and directors of this film, who are now outside the territory of Transnistria without the right to return home.

The second (divided) group is the "Shattered welfare of the holding" Sheriff ". This includes all the old “elite” of power: Evghenii Shevciuk, Tatyana Turanskaya, Maya Parnas, Elena Girjul , Oksana Bulanova, Andrei Bezbabcenko, Vladimir Liubkin, Natalya Nikiforova and, again,  IUrii Ghervaziuk .

 I can name the names of  the common people who suffered the most: Mazurenko, Koltsov, Nebun, and Poltorak. With rare exceptions, all employees of the Presidential Administration of Transnistria under rule of Evghenii Shevciuk, school directors, heads of kindergartens, ordinary teachers and doctors. Someone was held in Isolator, from one month to a year, someone left the country, urgently, someone was demoted, someone lost their job. In various ways almost everyone who supported Evghenii Shevciuk in one way or another was punished.

The third and most cynically persecuted group is the Communists. Here coincided two nuances that are closely intertwined and gave such result.  First nuance is the support giving to the  Evghenii Shevciuk by the Transnistrian communists .It turned out  that the election program of  Evghenii Shevciuk and  the Communists views coincided in many ways. The second nuance is ideological. We all know that the current President of Transnistria, Vadim Krasnoselski, is a supporter of the monarchical ideology, which means that the Communists are his ideological enemies. This is not concealed by his closest associates from the church community "Forty of the  Forty." They openly sing hosanna to the  Krasnoselski for the destruction of pro - communist- minded people. They began to destroy the party and persecute people, starting with Peter Musti and Olga Kruglova. There are no reasons to blame this peope for, except that they are communists. Criminal cases in the literal sense of the word are “drawn on their knees”. Things are falling apart, but no one in Transnistria pays attention to this.

As a result, Olga Kruglova received a real imprisonment time, Peter Mustea can’t return to his family in Transnistria. Then they approached the editor of the communist edition Nadejda Bondarenko. She is given administrative fines on fabricated cases(reasons). And here, as a gift from our government, the meeting of Communist leader Oleg Khorjan with his voters took place on June 2, 2018. This meeting could go completely unnoticed , but due to what  is happening in Transnistria, authorities could not miss such a chance for the complete collapse of the Communist Party. After the meeting, those who attend it were punished, some with a fine, and some with real deprivation of liberty, the most active communists and active social activists who care about the  fate of the Transnistrian people.

It is also worth noting about Transnistrians, fairly transparent category  “ Business ” . It's so bad here. The eggs are no longer being produced, because Sergei Diligul was sentenced for 5 years for a slap in the face to a citizen who refused to pay, and his poultry business was simply destroyed. Now we don’t have chickens, but we buy some strange-imported ones. We have a very few of pur chickens.  They destroyed  the entrepreneurship of  Pasyutin and Kuzmenko. Probably, with the goal to "attract investors". Also passed the illegal nationalization of the Ignatiev Bank. This gave a "powerful impetus" to the heads of local authorities. They felt the empowered  over all and everyone and will help them to collect money. The import, which went parallel to the import of the holding “Sheriff”, is being destroyed . All wholesalers are selected from entrepreneurs . Small and medium businesses groan, but rarely. More often it closes or goes into the legal field of Moldova. The government understands that it has already destroyed the economy and prints about 3 billion Transnistrian rubles, not no longer supported by anything. And only one thing is clear that there will no longer appear any investors on horizon.

Also, I would like to separately list the citizens of Russia who have suffered from the actions of the current Transnistrian authorities. They are: Olga Kruglova, Iurii Ghervaziuk, Eduard Kosovski, Sergei Diligul, Ghenadii Kuzimiciov, Sergei Mantalutsa, Valerii Barishnikov and Natalia Haritonova.

Also to support Oleg Khorjan, performed an Moldovan organization based on human rights "The Promo -LEX" , which has been active in the protection of human rights and is actively engaged in this issue with the European Court of the  Human rughts. In their commentary in the publication “ NewsMaker . Md "representatives of the organization said the following: "Promo -LEX notes that the courts of the region applied to Oleg Khorjan punishment in the form of imprisonment for 4 years and 6 months, for the alleged crime “violent acts against a public person / authority”. The organization believes that the reason for the arrest of Oleg Khorjan was to hold a peaceful assembly and his subsequent actions to protect the interests of a group of participants. The organization calls the conditions Horjan is held, inhuman and degrading. Promo-LEX expresses concern about the suppression of freedom and public expression, as well as restrictions on the right to peaceful gatherings on the Transnistrian region. The organization asks the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation, as well as other authorized international institutions to monitor the situation of depriving of  freedom and expression and freedom gatherings . ”

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon , who personally knew the Transnistrian politician, responded to the arrest of Oleg Horjhan . According to the Moldovan channel “ Accent - TV, Igor Dodon notedon the  situation hat: “There must be a reaction from the prosecutor’s office, since he is a Moldovan citizen. Regardless of the fact that he has Transnistrian citizenship, we don’t recognize this citizenship. ”

With the exception of party comrades , there was no practical response to the  arrest and sentence of Oleg Horjan in Russia, despite his many years of political and friendly relations with many Russian political and state leaders.

In this case, the representatives of the Communist Party reacted quite harshly. So, the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Genadii Ziuganov said that: “The political regime of Transnistria, is calling itself- democratic, is arranging a shameful persecution of opposition politicians in the interests of the oligarchic group. In fact, they execute acts of revenge upon whole family of Khorjan. Persecuting Communists, the political regime is following the path of the Nazis, the “forest brothers” and the “(Bender men) . ”

 The Communist Party deputy Dmitrii Novikov in his speech at the State Duma noted about this , saying that: “Ignoring the rights of citizens inside the country is hard to defend from the standpoint of protecting friends of Russia, internationally. Thus, the leader of the communists of Transnistria, Oleg Khorjan, was recently convicted on an absolutely far-fetched pretext, and the Russian authorities didn’t do anything about  protection of his civil rights . ”

Oleg Horjan was also supported in Ukraine. Thus, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Peter Simonenko, harshly reacted to the unlawful actions of the Transnistrian authorities towards Oleg Horjan . He stated that: “ I appeal to those organs of justice who are responsible for Oleg Horjan’s fate in this case . I want you to understand that the archives are not burning. And your criminal actions , based on the order of the current oligarchic criminal regime will be anyway appreciated and know that the punishment of the people will prevail, and be sure, you will get retribution! " .

Representatives of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova did not stand aside either. Thus, the Moldovan Communists expressed their strong protest in a special declaration toward the unlawful arrest of the chairman of the Transnistrian Communist Party, deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria Oleg Horjan . They also demanded the immediate release of  Khorjan and all of the victims of political repression pursued by the Tiraspol regime. Moldovan Communists also believe that it is necessary to draw the attention of foreign embassies and missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova to fight against violation of the human rights, basic rights and freedoms of citizens in the Transnistrian region. They also insist to  join efforts of all official bodies of Moldova authorities to release the citizen of Moldova “Oleg Horjan” from the  Transnistrian prison.

Also, the Moldovan Communists noted that: “It is not enough to condemn your opponent, deprive him of his freedom by the Tiraspol regime.  We get alarming information about the current situation of Oleg Khorjan . He was transferred to a colony, where he was intently placed in the same area with the criminals. Now he will be held in the same room with the murderers, thieves and rapists, HIV-infected and those who are sick with tuberculosis. "

In addition to the situation with Oleg Horjan , which is a clear indicator of how far  degradation can prevail in a state, even if it’s an unrecognized small republic, due to it’s background of the complete impunity of its criminal actions; A lot of stories have happened in Transnistria:  people were captured, tortured, deprived of business, or people simply disappeared , because they crossed the road to someone from the “ Sheriff ” holding .

The most famous story happened with the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transnistria Genadii Kuzimiciov(under rule of former president Evgheniii Shevciuk) and former head of the Customs Committee of the TMR Iurii Ghervaziuk. These two people were captured by armed group of people of “unknown affiliation” on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and transferred to the territory of the TMR , where, according to information from a number of sources, they were systematically tortured  in a local prison. At the same time, it is worth noting that Genadii Kuzimiciov is a citizen of the Russian Federation. At the same time, no measures have been taken  for his release by the structures of the Russian Foreign Ministry affairs and other Russian departments, although there is a real threat to his life.

However, despite the Gestapo " methods of solving personal issues with others, some representatives of the Transnistrian authorities have already started to approach people who generraly has no connection to politics.An indicative example is the example of a Russian citizen and founder of the Rentakar company in Transnistria, Alexander Paslari, who was sent to the prison,on a false pretext ,they  took away the entire business in Transnistria after he wanted to return his car, from  the cohabitant of the daughter  (of  holding “ Sheriff ” GENERAL DIRECTOR) Oleg Budak - Iurii Grigorian .

Here is how Alexander Paslari himself comments on what happened for this article .

December 9, 2017 , by the court of Tiraspol I was convicted under article " bribe to official for the commission of deliberately illegal actions " of the Criminal Transnistrian Code for a period of 4 years of conditional imprisonment with a fine of 900 000 rubles Lei  Transnistrian rubles (30 000 USD) . At the beginning of the preliminary investigation when the prosecution brought against me this charges , the investigator Oleg persuaded and promised me that if I give  evidence at his dictation, he will release me under a written undertaking not to leave the country.Thus, he fraudulently forced me to confess under his dictation, not keeping his promise took me to the court for my own arrest. Now I will tell you the truth, about what and why happened, and under whose decree it was all triggered. And how  property and businesses are taken from citizens of the Republic of Moldova on the territory of Transnistria?

I Paslai Alexander , in 2009 created a company IOOO " Rentacarov " (car rental), where I was the only one and the same time a foreign founder. According to the charter, the type of activity was car rental. In 2016 came a client to me,his name was Iurii grigorian , who later became a regular customer. In the summer of 2016 Iurii Grigorian approached me with a request to sell him one of our cars “ BMW X5”, but promised to pay for this car till  January 1, 2017  personally wrote a note, which I agreed to , Considering our friendly relations and the fact that he had previously paid for the use of car rental. I handed him the car BMW X5, after which he wrote a promissory note in the amount of 8 400 US dollars with a commitment to pay up till January 1, 2017  .

Around December 2016  I found out that the car BMW X5 was sold on the territory of  the Republic of  Moldova . After that, I started to look for Iurii Grigorian and wanted him to explain the current situation and to pay the dept accorfing to his own receipt.  Unfortunately, I  couldn’t find him on my own . In January 2017  I wrote a statement against Iurii Grigorian agency of Internal Affairs, Tiraspol, where I submitted a document from a notary about the cancellation of the power of attorney and the receipt itself on behalf of  Iurii Grigorian. Soon the car was found and placed on the penalty parking lot Tiraspol.

As a result,. Lukyanenko , a citizen of Moldova , from whom the car was taken for a fine parking, went to the Republic of Moldova ,to a police station and wrote a statement concerning that I  took the BMW X5 car from him, thus he did not provide a single document of ownership, or the use of this car. I was summoned to the police in Moldova to give testimony, where  I have provided documents on the car and a receipt Iurii Grigorian . Subsequently,  Police of the Republic of Moldova opened a criminal case under Art  190 of the  Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova (fraud)against Iurii Grigorian. As it turned out , Iurii Grigorian is the cohabitant of the daughter of the deputy general director for security of the holding company “ Sheriff ” Budak Oleg. After that , I started having problems in Transnistria .

In the police in Moldova , the civil wife(cohabitant) of Iurii Grigorian- Budak Elena. began to testify that she personally resitute  me and the rest of the victims Iurii Grigorian’s debt  , as in this case there were several victims. After that, the prosecutor said to me , that he will start a criminal case against  Elena Budak , for perjury. After that, I began to ask the prosecutor not to do it yet, because her father is an influential figure in Transnistria and I may have big problems because of this . I promised that I would personally find her father, Oleg Budak , and also explain to him the situation with his daughter and her cohabitant .

I approached my friend Arkan Oleg , former employee of the (GUBEPIC) Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transnistria, who currently works in the “ Sheriff ” holding and personally knows Oleg Budak (It is worth noting that Russian citizen Oleg Arkan also participated in the seizure on the territory of Moldova, of another citizen of Russia, Ghenadii Kuzimiciov who was then transported to the territory of Transnistria and imprisoned, where, according to information from a number of sources , he was tortured - ) .  he  promised me to arrange a meeting with Oleg Budak . A few days later, Oleg Arkan called me and asked for a copy of the receipt written by Iurii Grigorian, referring to the fact that Oleg Budak requested it and I,  handed over this document to him . After that, I called Oleg Arkan several times and asked about the meeting, to which he said that it was necessary to wait for a while , referring to Oleg Budak's busy schedule.

Then the situation received a very interesting continuation. 07/11/2017 A client came to my office for renting a car, presenting an Ukranian passport and asking the dispatcher to pay a $ 100 bill for car rental, saying that he is in a hurry and because he is not local and does not know where to look currency exchange, to which the dispatcher of the company agreed and took from him  $ 100, thereby violating the law. Literally a few minutes later, 13 people, headed by Dmitrii Marinov, ran into the office . They introduced themselves as officers of the Ministry of the Internal affairs of Transnistria and began to withdraw absolutely all documentation, office equipment and 18 cars from rental , Who were in the parking lot of the company "Rentacar". My questions: "What is happening?", "And Using currency - is an administrative law violation, on what basis you are withdrawing?" - they didn’t give me any answers.

A week later, I met again with my friend Oleg Arkan, whom I told what had happened,  he said he will find out what is going on .Few days later I found out that a criminal case is opened  against me, supposedly the pretext was "I forged some signature”.  When I met with Oleg Arkan, he told me : “Do not worry ,I know personally the investigator Musienko I.V, who is in charge of this case, and I will talk to him and everything will be fine”. After he told me that the investigator Musienko I.V. was asking for $ 2,000 for not initiating a criminal case, to which I replied to Oleg Arkan, that this is a violation of the law, to which he replied to me : - “you are not the  the first, and you are not the the last, new president -  new rules,” to which I replied : - “How so? After all, it was you who agitated me and all my employees at the company to vote for Krasnoselski V.N. and this is what we get in return !!! " . To which he replied : - " new president -  new rules." I told him that I did not forge any signatures and did not violate anything, to which Oleg Arkan replied to me : “ Do You understand that this is just an excuse and you need to be friendly with this new power.”

A day later, we again met with Oleg Arkan , and he asked about my decision, I replied to him : “I don’t have that kind of money, I only have $ 1,000,” to which he replied : “Tomorrow I will answer.” The next day he replied that he had spoken with I.V. Musienko. and that he agreed to $ 1,000 and the rest later, to which I agreed. The next day I went to the investigator Musienko I.V. and during the conversation I was convinced that he wanted to get a bribe from me. In the end, he told me to come with the money at the lunch time, which I did.

After this performance,  directing by my friend Oleg Arkan and Musienko I was already arrested by another investigator Oleg Gerjoba. The next day I was taken from  Tiraspol and brought to the investigative Committee substituent I Chairman - Head and Chief Investigative Department Alexander Konstantinov, whom I knew personally, and he asked me: - "Sasha, Sasha, who’s road you crossed?",  to which I replied - "I do not know". Alexander Konstantinov said : - "Well, it will pass away, and someone  will explain everything to you "after a couple of minutes in the office comes in, my friend Oleg Arkan, he set down and said to me: - "Do you understand now , how everything works? Now listen carefully, you have to resolve the issue in the court in the Republic of Moldova regarding YIurii grigorian and Elena Budak , and then you will be released , and all your property will be returned. ”After that, I was taken to the office of the investigator Oleg Gerjoba, where he told me to write a confession under the article “Giving a bribe to an official knowingly committing illegal actions" under his dictation. Also he has promised me to release on his own recognizance order , so that I could participate in the trial in the Republic of Moldova and to change the testimony against Iurii Grigorian - , which I did after his promise to release me.

After that, they gave me an arrest for 2 months and they put me in jail number 3. Investigator Oleg Gerjoba repeatedly came to me and asked: “Did I understand what I should do in Moldova?”. Since my wife after my arrest left the Transnistria threatened that she  will be put in jail too under false pretext . From the investigator Oleg Gerjoba, as well as from my lawyer Kiiko Alla Viktorovna, I  received the following proposal. Specifically, they offered to call my spouse to come to Transnistria. Allegedly,  she will be at home under house arrest, under the supervision of two operatives, and at that time they will release me to solve the criminal case in Moldova against Iurii Grigorian, to which I refused. Despite my refusal, I received this kind of suggestion from Oleg Gerjoba and Alla Kiiko at each of our meetings. After my next failure, I was placed in solitary confinement, where I spent almost 4 months, thus , exerting  physical and psychological effects, which is also prohibited by law and can qualify as "torture". At that time, I was also offered to write a declaration for the court of Moldova with an already prepared text stating that I had slandered Iurii grigorian , and he is not guilty .

At this time, my wife Victoria was at a reception at the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon , where she told him the whole situation exactly the same way , as I am describing to you now  .  After that were opened  criminal cases on several articles against  investigator Musienko I.V. and Gerjoba O.V. and Arkan O.O..

In November I had a visit in jail, by the investigator Oleg Gerjoba, who said to me, or I sign recognition and will write a declaration of  Iurii Grigorian’s innocence  in the Republic of Moldova and in Tiraspol under a special court session I will be released on conditional term, or I get a real criminal term of imprisonment. After our conversation with the investigator Oleg Gerjoba, I agreed and signed a confession, although I have not been guilty, as it was all a trick, i wrote a declaration , that he demanded for trial in the Republic of Moldova.

On December 29, 2017 , I was convicted for a term of 4 years (conditionally) with a fine of 900,000 rubles (30,000 US dollars) and I was released in the courtroom. Immediately after leaving the courtroom, I was at the door already waiting operatives and again  was taken to the police department for interrogation  by Evtodienko I.N., which I was charged again under Article  324 of the Criminal Code of TMR and 154 Criminal Code of the TMR (theft), it turned out that while I was sitting almost six months in jail,  I managed to steal - a wooden door (10 800 rubles) Transnistrian   and due to  this damage were arrested all my belongings, namely, four-room apartment where I lived with my family and a minor child, - auto-service, where also was located  the company LLC "Rentacar" and all 18 vehicles which were placed on the penalty parking UGAI . Seizure of all of the above property is imposed by the  investigator Evtodienko I.N., although to my knowledge in the  TMR only the court has the right to establish a seizure property, and not any - investigator.

After ovicing me all that information Evtodienko I.N. released me on his own recognizance and thus said again literally: - “Go to Moldova to the court, change your testimony regarding Iurii Grigorian and decide the question that it would be acquitted, and then all the criminal cases brought against you will be closed in  TMR and you will receive back all your property. After that I went to the TMR and in the middle of January 2018, investigator Evtodienko I.N. never announced me,  never called me, even for questioning.

And so, on different occasions, threats of prosecution, law enforcement, lobbying their interest  and the interest  of certain individuals from the  holding "Sheriff", to solve their personal problems and take away business from the inhabitants of Transnistria .

Speaking about Iurii Grigorian, I am not the only one who suffered from his actions. There is another victim - a citizen of Russia Rura Alexander Vitalii. Iurii Grigorian sold the car to Alexander Rura for 2000 Euro. +300 dollars Alexander Rura gave for painting the car in the service station. A month later, Rura wanted to pick up the car from the service, but Iurii Grigorian had already taken it and had already sold it. Alexander Rura wrote a statement to the court. As a result, the money was returned to him, but he did not change his testimony at the trial and 2 weeks after the trial, he went missing. At the same time, officially, in any reports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transnistria, he does not appear as a missing person.

It should also be noted that all the documents of the Rura Alexandr at the time of the disappearance were at his home, and now they are in the office of Transnistrian police, although  no one is looking for Alexander . Accordingly, he couldn’t leave  the territory of Transnistria. At the same time, Alexander Rura  was a great collector of weapons. For unknown reasons, police officers have seized all his weapons from his home now. I note once again that Alexander Rura is a citizen of Russia, and the prosecution authorities of Russia, in accordance with the law, are obliged to respond to any media reports about a violation of the law.

The mother of Alexandra Rura has filed a statement about the disappearance of her son to the Prosecutor’s Office of Moldova. They have already confirmed that, according to the border service,  Alexander Rura didn’t leave the territory of the Republic of Moldova .

 I want to note that there are a lot of  victims now on far-fetched pretexts in the prisons of Transnistria and many of them are citizens of Russia.

At the end of all this sad information, it is still worth noting that some of the above comrades, namely Victor Gushan and Ilya Kazmali - co-owners of the holding “Sheriff”, in 2017, right under the regular elections in Bundestag, managed to get into German politics too, when controlled by their provider and Kartina.TV began advertising a German party "Alternative for Germany" , which some analysts attributed to the fact almost to the project of Russian special services; then with the project of the American special services. By the way, the provider Kartina.TV, according to “Vedomosti”, often broadcasts Russian channels without informing them about it. So, the Russian Channel One recently warned that it did not give the right to distribute its content to Kartina.TV - the actions of this provider are illegal. The representative of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company stated that there is an agreement with Kartina.TV to distribute several paid channels, but he is not aware of the grounds on which the service broadcasts "Russia 1" or "Russia 24". Representative CTC Media said that the contract with the service concerns the broadcasting of the JTS and Pepper, but not the “Domashnii kanal”. “We are continuing negotiations with Kartina.TV on the broadcast of “Domashni Kanal,” CTC representative said.

As for Russia, the "Alternative for Germany", and especially its leader Bernda Luca, the attitude towards the current Russian government and Vladimir Putin personally, is ambiguous. Bernda Luka entered the number of professors who refused to award Putin honorary doctorate degree for the successful implementation of economic reforms in Russia . And in 2013, the Alternative for Germany party criticized the plan to save capital in Cyprus, describing bank deposits there  “dirty money of Russian oligarchs”. Also with the co-chair of "Alternative for Germany" Alexander Gauland stated that the Germans can be proud of the feats of German soldiers in the First and Second World Wars . It is worth noting that in the First and Second World Wars, it was Germany that suffered the most, and Russia suffered from the “proud feats” of Germany, and the repetition of such “feats” is not necessary now for neither Berlin nor Moscow. So whether or not Russian oligarchs are publicizing in Germany, Russian channels that are illegally broadcasting there by  Kartina.TV provider of  Russian channels of the  nationalist party “Alternative for Germany”?!

Dmitrii Ershov

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