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To date with the mind… 15.08.2017

That to find the soul gate,At first you need to meditate!To change the wheel of your fateAnd with your mind to date!

Hurt me… 13.08.2017

Don't leave me,It's the strongest pain!Forgive me...If you aren't all the same!Hurt me...But run with me on the one way!Never forget me..."Vale!" never me say!Give yourself me,With ...

Take thought… 13.08.2017

If a day looks like a day,And nothing new is in the way!Take thought... And run awayTo find for a new life holy key!

A life plot 12.08.2017

Your life lasts short!Do you find your spot?Were your feelings hot?Because it's real your life plot!Сохранить

Road to Nowhere 11.08.2017

Night in the streetAnd Moon in the sky...I go to nowhere...I don't know "Why?"I look only you,It's my survey...When you disappeared...I wanted to die!I'm looking on stars,It couldn ...