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Fate editing 11.08.2017

You were given in this world permit!Can you your life the best edit?To withstand strong fate hit...And to turn again in the ash bit!Сохранить

To feel and to live… 10.08.2017

To feel and to live it's the same!Play fine this fate game!To Love again and againIn this life and the next... You can!Сохранить

The Illusion of Time… 09.08.2017

"There is no death"Once You said...Who believes and seeth...They'll never be dead!But when you've enough hits at bat,There's no love in the heart,And nobody wanna call,Because you ...

The Singularity 08.08.2017

To find your way,Through Time and Space...To take fate,With Love face to face...And let millions of years pass,For the structure of the Universe progress,There is only one success, ...

The lie… 08.08.2017

It's silly to be afraid to die,If your life is so one lie!Nobody cares about your cry.So only death can give you chance to fly!Сохранить