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Brute feelings 04.08.2017

I have come in this worldTo look for a perfect soul gold!But there is only a brute cold!Where sublime feelings were sold!

I Love you!!! 04.08.2017

You can be as a wind,And to fly in the sky!But, if I see you –I’ll catch you for tie!You can be as a wave,And to hide in the sea!But I’ll be a storm,And I’ll drive you in lee!You c ...

With pain alone! 03.08.2017

The destiny of the earthborn...In the darkness... It goes on!There is only pain in the throne!And you're forever alone!Сохранить

The Coldness of the rising star! 03.08.2017

I am going to wait,Until the first guiding star!I have to be right,In my intolerable heart’s war!The Coldness is bar,Of my heart and my dreams.And the brightest rising star,As refl ...

Never be enough! 02.08.2017

Are you afraid to Love?!Can you to look above?Where the soul flyes as a dove...Where I'll never be for you enough!Сохранить