The lie… 08.08.2017

It's silly to be afraid to die,If your life is so one lie!Nobody cares about your cry.So only death can give you chance to fly!Сохранить

The Love! 07.08.2017

It’s red as blood,And blue as sky!It’s as cloud’s hood,That dies in last day of May!It’s Yin and YangIn my tearful eyes!It’ll shine as Sun,If you give me ayes!Are you living only a ...

Winzenburg 07.08.2017

German provincial towns it's a fairy tale. There is nothing in common between Berlin and the German province. I'm posting now photos from Winzenburg, where I lived. There will be m ...

Soul incarnation 06.08.2017

Our life is as a star fall,That plays only its fleeting role!But for millions years... It's sole!Dying and incarnating of eternal soul!Сохранить

Live in my heart!!! 06.08.2017

Believe me, I live only for you!Clasp me, I do it too!Kiss me; kiss, as long as you miss!!!Live me here and overseas!!!Yes, I believe!!!You are my dream!Easy live in my heart!Forev ...