Black-and-snowy Love!!! 27.07.2017

White-white snow is on your hair…We ran so long around in circles...I whisper ardent words in your ear!!!You say: “I believe! Yes!”Miracles!!! Miracles!!! Miracles!!!May be, we wer ...

Alte Nationalgalerie. Berlin 27.07.2017

There are a huge number of beautiful paintings in the Old National Gallery of Berlin. I have spent about three hours there. Works in the styles of classicism and romanticism (artis ...

Next life… 27.07.2017

Life is fleeting with fast speed!I have no doubt about it!What do you do before death meet?That you next life will be a great!Сохранить

The German Historical Museum. Berlin 26.07.2017

The German Historical Museum contains a huge and very interesting collection. I have stayed in this museum all day. It was very interesting. The museum was divided in historical ha ...

You and I… 26.07.2017

You and I... Only strangers in the night.You and I... Our souls bite!How long will we result wait?If we aren't kissing all long our lives flight...Сохранить