Who will make America great again? 23.07.2020

"Alors, citoyens, il est à craindre que la révolution, comme Saturne, ne dévore successivement tous ses enfants et n’engendre enfin le despotisme avec les calamités qui l’accompagnen".
(c) Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud.

Before you read this material, I would like to point out a few nuances right away. I advocate multiculturalism and feminism, and I care less about a person's sexual orientation than anything else in the world. I am first and foremost a journalist and an analyst. And I care about the facts and a sober analysis of the situation without manipulating information. So after reading all of the following, don't even think of accusing me of racism and lack of political correctness, but rather look in the mirror.

When I lived in the USA last fall, I had no idea that the country would change so much in just six months. The America of last fall and the America of this spring are two completely different countries. In such a short time, the United States has changed from a peaceful and comfortable country into the kind of country, which image Russian propaganda on the RT channel has been creating for years. Shop-crashing, police brutality, anarchy in Seattle, curfews became a reality for Americans now. So what happened?

The elites are deeply divided. Formally, the split is along the line between the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States, but de facto, the split is much deeper and more global. It is essentially a split between globalist America represented by the Democrats and stand-alone America advocated by the Republicans. Thus, Donald Trump and the forces behind him are all concerned with the internal state of affairs in the United States. Hence all these attempts to restrict migration, the "trade war" with China and the complete shutdown of "colour revolutions" and their infrastructure worldwide. Victims of these revolutions have fallen to Petro Poroshenko in Ukraine and Vladimir Plahotniuc in Moldova.

The democrats, who represent globalist America and have united in their international camp the elite of Israel and the royal house of Saud, are extremely unhappy with this state of affairs. As a result, a "colour revolution" began in the USA right out of Sharpe's methodology without any American embassy's involvement. Its purpose is to remove the Republicans from all "levers" of American power. They got the White House and a majority in the Senate, against a Democrat majority in the House of Representatives only. And "the game is worth playing" as Donald Trump and Co. cancel the whole American globalist doctrine. Still, the margin of victory for the Republicans over the Democrats is minimal. It's seven votes in the Senate and pretty much 50/50 in the last presidential election, which, by the way, just based on the vote count, was won by Democrat Hillary Clinton by a minimal margin.

So all this farce in all the democratic media, led by The New York Times, which belongs to the Democrat sympathising Ochs Sulzberger dynasty, is nothing but politics. And all these protests going on in the USA and the general destabilisation of the situation in the country are a game of one political force against another. Thus, Fox News political observer Tucker Carlson said directly that forces of the Democratic Party were behind the rioters' actions, justifying it with the fight against racism.

That said, I do not want to diminish the tragedy of the incident in Minneapolis involving the murder of George Floyd in any way. The problem with police brutality is acute throughout the USA. It is connected both with the nuances of legislation and the fact that the selection of police officers in America is not as strict as it should be. For example, this problem is not as great in Canada, where Royal Police are regulated, and selection for a police officer is better than selection for the Special Forces in some countries.

But when politics becomes part of the problem, the situation takes a nasty turn. This was the case with the protests surrounding the killing of George Floyd. Instead of peaceful protest, the result was anarchy and mayhem by fringe elements who have nothing to do with the movement to protect African American lives.

The share of African Americans in the population of the United States is 13 per cent. The number of crimes committed by African Americans is more than 50 per cent of the total number of crimes in the United States. Thus, according to the data of the Department of Justice, African Americans have committed 52.5 per cent of all crimes in the period from 1980 to 2008, with the white share of 45.3 per cent and other races of 2.2 per cent. African Americans outnumber whites by a factor of 8 and victims by a factor of 6 among offenders. Most murders are not interracial - white people killed 84 % of white victims, and African Americans killed 93% of African Americans. This is a clear indication of the level of marginalisation among the African American population in the US. And the threat this marginalisation poses is primarily to African Americans themselves.

Those who began inciting radical protests in the controlled media over the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and left the American police no choice, let the "genie out of the bottle". It has had genuinely catastrophic consequences in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic in the US. American society has become even more polarised as a result, and this year's upcoming presidential election will truly define the future for America.

Dmitrii Ershov, political scientist.


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