It s your Angel! 01.08.2017

Once, I read one fabulous book,
That from elf’s caves I had took -
Some glamour words, that I couldn’t discuss,
But ancient sages wrote for us!

The meaning of life, I had to realize
This book gave to me this exercise!
But, who could I ask? Who could give me advice?
My soul was empty… My heart was as ice!!!

I dreamt, as I went straight to sky…
Seas and oceans were as girl’s tie!
And Angel flew near with me.
He showed me, that I gaped to see!

One day, I’ll go along-shore of sea.
My way, as my live will pass on the lee.
I’ll look in the sky, and I am sure… I’ll see,
That my Angel will be waving his hand straight to me!!!

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