State coup will happen in Russia soon 27.02.2022

"Turns out our Father was not a father, but a bitch..."

(c) Poem about Stalin.

The war in Ukraine has been completely lost by Vladimir Putin. No major Ukrainian city has been captured in 4 days of fighting. The casualties of the Russian army are nearing 5000 killed - an unprecedented number for wars in Europe since 1945. Practically the entire world is now supporting Ukraine. The US and EU have started providing full-scale military assistance to Ukraine with lethal weapons, something that was practically nonexistent before. The Ukrainian foreign legion is being formed. Meanwhile, Russia has been disconnected from SWIFT and expelled from all respectable international organizations.

At the same time, the inadequacy of Vladimir Putin has been growing exponentially after losing this war. Vladimir Putin and his loyal henchman Ramzan Kadyrov are directly sending the Russian General Staff, as well as the Airborne Troops command, far away, and demanding the rapid advancement of troops towards Kyiv and Kharkiv, which leads to even more unprecedented losses for the Russian army. Vladimir Putin has also ordered the forces deterring the Russian army to be put on high combat readiness, which essentially means the final step before issuing an order for a nuclear strike. And to top it all off, the Prosecutor General's Office is threatening to imprison everyone who disagrees with the actions of these abnormal individuals for 20 years under the charge of "Treason to the Motherland."

Vladimir Putin has formed a sycophantic and spineless entourage. Thanks to this, it has become very easy to manipulate them. This allowed those who orchestrated this chaos to bring the situation to such a level of tension. But, in addition to the destructive forces that initiated all this, even Putin's oligarchs have expressed their disapproval of the current mayhem. The first to speak out was Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman, who spoke very negatively about the idea of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in an interview with the Financial Times. It must be understood that both among the oligarchs and among a number of military officials and representatives of Russian special services, the sentiment is exactly the same. The slogan "Putin must go!" is hanging in the air in many high-level offices. And Putin will be removed.

But you have been led to this scenario for many years. Ever since Konstantin Malofeev started this "Donbas adventure." And the figures they are aiming for to replace Vladimir Putin are even more abnormal in their essence than Vladimir Vladimirovich himself. It is these individuals who convinced Vladimir Putin of the need to support terrorists in Donbas and then start this insane war with Ukraine, which Russia has lost. It is they who will be the first to hold the "20th Congress of the CPSU" unveiling the "cult of Putin's personality." The descendants of the Soviet party apparatus have learned some lessons from history.

For the forceful implementation of this scenario, thousands of militants have already been prepared, who have been "tested" in Africa and the Middle East over the past 8 years. These structures are controlled by "Putin's chef" Yevgeny Prigozhin, as well as oligarch Konstantin Malofeev. Control threads extend to the leadership of Russian military intelligence and from there to "Rostec." The largest Russian military corporation is ready to fully seize power in the country and create a military alliance with China against the "collective" West. In other words, dear Russians, concentration camps and a permanent war without common sense await you, primarily. Vladimir Putin has no chances in the current situation. He will only be supported by Ramzan Kadyrov and Viktor Zolotov, whom all Russian "siloviki" hate, and not only them. How do I know all this? I was inconspicuously offered to participate in all this back in 2013 when I was on a journalist mission in Syria. The scenario was supposed to be implemented in 2014, but then their Russian version did not work out - Putin won the war with Ukraine. I shared most of this information with Russian special services, but unfortunately, they were more interested in cracking large-scale drug trafficking. And in the West, I was completely ignored.

Why am I writing this? I am writing this to say that when "Swan Lake" starts playing on television and there is an announcement about the sudden death or arrest (which is unlikely) of Vladimir Putin, do not rejoice too much. It is only the beginning, but you still have the power to change everything at that moment... And do not say that I did not warn you!

Dmitrii Ershov, political analyst.

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