Philosophical: Silent Killers 05.03.2022

"When the population turns into cattle, usually leaders come and lead this very population to slaughter in the name of 'great ideas' and another 'new Reich'."

(c) David Arius

Long ago - 7 years ago, to be exact - I wrote a philosophical essay titled "Oh Brave New Reich!" There were words in there that I used as a preamble to this text. Now the leader has come to us. So, it makes sense to philosophize a little about the "cattle".

Above all in life, I fear dogmatists and fanatics because they are truly ready to kill, hang, burn at the stakes, and do other horrors in the name of some "great idea" in which, as a rule, they themselves don't understand anything. History knows thousands of examples, from human sacrifices to Baal to the current organized "campaign of slaughter" in modern-day Russia. And above all in life, I despise spineless, fearful little people who fervently believe that "their house is at the edge". There is, of course, another category that I hate - professional provocateurs. But at least they need the talent of deceit. I will write about provocateurs sometime later, and now let's talk about silent killers. Because it is usually this category that kills their own nation.

An example from recent history. If everyone in Russia had revolted against the sect of fanatics and dogmatists from the Bolshevik party in around 1918, there would have been no horrors of the Civil War, the Holodomor, Stalin's repressions, and perhaps even World War II. We just needed to come together, remove the inadequate element from the political space, and then convene a Constituent Assembly to decide how to move forward in a civilized manner. By the way, the ancestors of modern Russians did just that, convening the Zemsky Sobor in 1613. But the absolute majority of Russians at that time decided that "their house is at the edge" and patiently waited for the time when they could happily die of hunger, a bullet from the Chekist, or with a cry of "For Stalin" in some unknown field or on an unnamed hill. History goes in a spiral...

The Bolshevik regime fell with the death of Stalin in 1953. Instead of the Bolsheviks, party functionaries came to power. This immediately predetermined the collapse of the USSR, as the ideology of the state directly contradicted the ideology of its elite. Perestroika began, nationalism grew, and as a result, the USSR collapsed in 1991. This collapse unleashed another monster - the KGB. In Soviet times, the main repressive structure of the country was under the control of the Communist Party and the Soviet nomenklatura. Losing that control, the structure went into "free swimming," adapting to the realities of the time. All these Solntsevskaya, Tambovskaya, Orekhovo-Zuyevo, and other "brigades" were also products of the KGB, emerging from the sports clubs of the 80s. The same product included NBP, "Other Russia," and other similar organizations. No one knew under what "sauce" power would be taken, so dozens of different egregors were created for the Russian population. As a result, the KGB took power quietly and dusted, using the disagreements between Boris Yeltsin's clan, the "seven bankers" oligarchs, and Anatoly Sobchak. The Russian population looked at all the madness happening indifferently and patiently waited for the time when they could joyfully die of hunger, a bullet from the Chekist, or with a cry of "For Stalin".

When the KGB took power, they first got rid of Anatoly Sobchak, then the "seven bankers," and then began implementing the well-known rhyme of the 90s:

Comrade, believe, it will pass,

This so-called glasnost.

And then the state security apparatus,

Will remember our names!

Freedom in Russia was gradually curtailed. There was the terrorist attack in Beslan in 2004 and the subsequent practice of canceling direct elections of regional governors. Strange as it may seem, nobody really thought about what the terrorist attack had to do with the election of governors at that time. Then there were the protests in December 2011 organized by the Lubyanka through Boris Nemtsov, which allowed them to "cleanse" the domestic policy bloc of Russia and "tighten the screws" even further. Then came the "Russian world" in 2014; sanctions; the "image of the enemy" that was broadcasted from every corner in Russia; the protests of 2020 and 2021 that revealed dissatisfaction and subsequent complete elimination of any serious opposition to this Kremlin KGB gang. And all of this happened amidst the funeral silence of the absolute majority of Russian society. Fascism and neo-feudalism came to power in the country without encountering any resistance. "My house is at the edge" - the slogan of modern-day Russian anus.

During these years, militarization in Russia has gained momentum. "Rostec" appeared, private military companies, Ramzan Kadyrov with his militants. Even children are being indoctrinated from a very young age, being dragged into some "Youth Army". But the scariest part is that nobody is bothered by this. The European Union generously endowed the Putin regime with money, Putin was "Person of the Year," "the most influential politician in the world," and in Russia, he was perceived almost like a new Stalin. It's like a show in Europe and the US to cultivate a new non-conformist regime each time. The regime of Lenin, the regime of Hitler, the regime of Stalin, the regime of Franco, the regime of Mussolini, the regime of Salazar, and now the regime of Putin. Almost all of them were generously nurtured in the early stages on a thoroughly democratic basis with the support of leading "Western democracies." Unlike Franco, Mussolini, and Salazar, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, and now Putin really want to blow up the whole world. They, unlike Franco, Mussolini, and Salazar, aren't satisfied with just tormenting their own people.

Awakening is painful and long. For some, it began after the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Some realized then what Putin and his regime represented. Some still don't understand. And some even support all of this. Now is the perfect time to look at people and see their true nature. But often, it's not a face, but a mug.

Rational thinking is the main enemy of any dictatorship and any Führer. That's why Putin and his gang have now decided to completely shield Russians from any information that is unfavorable to them. And those who disagree will face concentration camps. These are the laws in Russia now. They were instantly adopted by the "parliamentary majority" of silent killers from the puppet Russian authorities. The New Brave Reich has finally arrived.

In reality, I don't think this is the lowest point considering everything. On February 24, 2022, Russia definitively transitioned to a fascist dictatorship. And just like Bolshevism, this kind of political movement does not limit itself. In Ukraine, the Kremlin and its unfinished offspring of Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky are building the CPSU 2.0. The new "red terror" is coming, senseless and merciless. And those who are not with them are against them. The time of silent killers is over. Now every silent killer in Russia will either become a real killer or a victim and, at best, they will have their "house burned" at the edge. Alas, history still teaches nobody anything.

As for Vladimir Putin, I don't think he has long to live. Revolution, like Saturn, devours its children. And a new egregor will come to replace the one that gave birth to it, thirsting for even more blood. Robespierre and Napoleon. Lenin and Stalin. History knows many examples. 🙂

Dmitrii Ershov, political analyst.

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