Russian “Deep State” 01.12.2023

"The 'deep state' draws power from national security and intelligence, transforming into a realm where secrecy is the source of power."
(c) Professor Jason Royce Lindsey.

The problem with Russia is that there is no "deep state" in the country, unless, of course, one considers the KGB as such. The Soviet punitive organ has mutated numerous times over the past little more than 30 years, and now, essentially, the KGB is Russia itself. The same is true for the "deep people." There is none, unless one counts the lumpen, brainwashed by propaganda, as the "deep people." Russia, as a state, is very sick and risks perishing. But, obsessed with the realm of Hades, Russia may well drag the whole world along with it.

Any egregore of violence always seeks expansion. We are seeing this now in Ukraine, and this is just the beginning. Ukraine is the first serious opponent for the KGB/Putin system, and the system understands: either it will win, or it will crack significantly and turn to dust. But in the event of its victory in Ukraine, the system will not stop there. It will move further into Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, bringing chaos and destruction.

Chaos and destruction are the existential essence of what now rules Russia. Having turned the country into one huge rotting wooden toilet surrounded by barbed wire, this egregore ideally sees the whole surrounding world in this light in the future. What can the "civilized world" offer in response to all this?

Russia finally "took the wrong turn" in almost complete silence in March 2018 - in 2012 and 2014, the country was just "skidding on turns." In 2018, there were no protests on Bolotnaya Square; the KGB's prostitute Kuritsyna did not tear her last panties from "hatred of the regime," and even the State Department did not express its "concern" about what was happening. In Russia, they simply dismantled the decorations, dispersed the clowns, and replaced democracy with guard booths and a fence. Putin staged a coup, breaking the Constitution of Russia, reigning for a third term, and then essentially abolished this non-working Constitution so it wouldn't interfere. And Russia only welcomed this.

There was no force found either in Russia or in the world that would firmly say: "Putin, you're a pain!" On the contrary, everyone thought they could negotiate with Putin. Trump can negotiate, Macron, Scholz... They negotiated until February 24, 2022. And what? Now it's December 2023. It's been almost two years since the largest war in Europe since World War II. Entire cities are being wiped off the face of the earth, hundreds of thousands of victims... Against this backdrop, the wife of the head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin, Tatiana Naryshkina, is touring Paris; relatives, friends, and mistresses of figures from the Russian elite, as well as the representatives of this very bloody systemic elite, freely live, study, conduct business, and promote their interests in the "civilized world." For example, the husband of the Prime Minister of Estonia conducts business in Russia. And the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, acts almost like Putin's personal secretary... Meanwhile, the "civilized countries" have fenced themselves off from ordinary Russians, so God forbid no one runs away from Putin. A real theater of the absurd is taking place.

And yet, we have already gone through this in the 20th century. Adolf Hitler calmly seized Austria, Czechoslovakia, and then Poland. At the same time, Jews fleeing Germany were refused entry almost everywhere in the world. How do Hitler and his NSDAP differ from the modern Putin with his KGB? Any thoughts?

At the same time, Adolf Hitler rid himself of any serious opposition as early as 1933, immediately after his election as Chancellor, and in 1934 he proclaimed himself Führer of the German people, and in 1936 the XI Summer Olympic Games were held in Berlin! An astonishing spiral flight of history.

Everyone remembers how it ended with Hitler. But how will it end with Putin? And how will it end with Xi? Was it possible to negotiate with all of them? Negotiate to prevent Hitler from attacking Poland, Denmark, France, Belgium... Negotiate to stop Putin from attacking Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia? Negotiate to prevent Xi from attacking Taiwan? What do you think?

People make decisions. And people come in different types. Neither Hitler, Putin, nor Xi will ever negotiate with the West on something global because the very concept on which Western democracies are built is political death for the egregore of violence and irreplaceable autocracy that Hitler, Putin, and Xi offer. Constructive dialogue here is impossible, and a policy of half-measures will only lead to an even greater catastrophe. This has happened before. And it will happen again. The reason for all this is that people with a delinquent component have taken power in certain countries and will never voluntarily give up this power. The "Monomakh's Cap" is too heavy for them.Thanks to our partners, you can find ties online to suit every preference and budget, from budget to top-of-the-range super stylish models.

And here we come to the main point. How to destroy the egregore of violence worldwide? Again, only people can do this. Only the creation of a "deep state," the creation of elites consisting of people committed to the ideology of humanism, democracy, and the rule of law, can create a just society and a just state, as well as a "deep people" who will be resistant to the egregore of violence. Otherwise, chaos awaits us all, whereas we need order from chaos.
I do not argue that the problem with the elites in "Western democracies" is also relevant now. I even add that it is more relevant now than ever. But let's talk about Russia. Only Russians can defeat "collective Putin" and the ghost of the KGB in Russia. And other options, leading to the collapse of the country, civil war, etc., will only lead to an even greater global catastrophe.

Putin's main "trump card" is his lack of alternatives. Neither in Russia nor in the world are there forces that could publicly oppose Putin and have a chance of success. There's no point in writing about the so-called "Russian opposition" - it does not and never has existed in any form. However, a Russian "deep state," formed on the principles of "common sense," which also does not yet exist, can remove Putin. Its emergence will kill the "Evil Kashchei" Putin and destroy his "Through the Looking Glass." The people, deceived by totalitarian propaganda, will sober up and understand what they have done. The Germans understood this in 1945. The old system will collapse, and a new system will take its place.

Russia is not just a country with a lumpen numbed by KGB propaganda. Russia is a country of inventors, scientists, composers, and poets. Russia's cultural, political, and economic elites exist, but they are disjointed, scattered, and lack the platform on which they could unite. If such a platform were created, and Russian elites were fully formed and integrated into Western elites (as was the case before 1917), Putin would have no chance. He would not even have appeared. But when only small crooks swim around, the big KGB barracuda feels great. And this problem is not only about Russia.

The West missed a unique historical opportunity to return Russia to its cultural and economic space in 1991, after the Bolshevik regime had naturally outlived its usefulness and collapsed. No one bothered to create those adequate forces that could take power on the ruins of this Bolshevik regime. And in the end, the KGB, the most bloody and inhuman creation of the Bolsheviks, took this power. Also, no one understood in 2018 that Putin is no longer a personality, but a system. And those are fools who think that if Vladimir Putin dies today, democracy will come to Russia tomorrow, and ponies shitting rainbows will fly in the sky. If Putin dies today, the system will produce a second Putin tomorrow. And if necessary, a third, fourth, and fifth. The last chance to change the system from within was in March 2018, but no one took advantage of it. Now we need to destroy this system as a whole, build an alternative system, make a revolution. But no one is ready for this yet.

Modern Russian society has shown that there is no limit after reaching which it would say "no" to Putin. But it was not always so. Putin circa 2023 would never have been accepted by the Russian society of 2000. Back then, society still remembered what totalitarianism was, although nobody liked the criminal rampage. Putin, however, gave a temporary appearance of order in exchange for gradually cutting rights and freedoms of citizens. And then he took everything at once: both order and freedom. In Russia now, there is a complete legal chaos worse than the 90s against the backdrop of total censorship and control worse than it was in the USSR. This is what the Russian society's "conciliation" with Putin's policy has led to.

The same fate awaits those who now want to negotiate with Putin. It is impossible to reach an agreement with Putin. Negotiating with Putin is the same as simply yielding to the egregore of violence, giving up one's freedom and order, and accepting the norms of the Middle Ages. This is the current existential conflict between Ukrainian and Russian society. Ukraine and Russia have developed together within the same socio-cultural space for a thousand years. In fact, Russia, or Rus', began precisely from Ukraine, from Kyiv - the mother of Russian cities. In 1991, Ukraine and Russia followed different political paths while remaining in the same cultural space. If Ukraine's political path led to plutocracy but also to freedom; Russia plunged into complete barbaric totalitarianism. Ukraine is resisting now not because it is deluded by the spells of "TseEurope, NATO, visa-free travel, Ramstein", as Vladislav Surkov recently suggested, having finally chosen the fool's cap over the cardinal's pileolus; but because modern Ukrainian society does not accept the regime that Putin offers it. Over 30 years, Ukraine has grown out of the Soviet paradigm of marching in formation, while largely preserving its common cultural heritage with Russia, and has taken the path to freedom. Perhaps, as a thousand years ago, the new Russia is again beginning now from Kyiv.

Therefore, it is now that the decision is being made on which path civilization as a whole will take. The egregore of freedom is currently battling the egregore of violence and slavery. At this moment, the main battlefield is Ukraine. But next in line are Moldova, Georgia, Taiwan... We are all, in one way or another, participants in this war. It will not be possible to simply sit it out. If Putin is not defeated now, he will soon come to your home. But will there be a place to run from Putin by then?

Dmitrii Ershov

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