Is a Revolution in Russia Possible? 21.01.2024

This film delves into the complex and tumultuous political landscape of contemporary Russia under Vladimir Putin's regime. It explores the gradual ascent of Putin to absolute power, marked by the systematic dismantling of oligarchic influences and independent media, effectively neutralizing any opposition. The narrative unfolds in several parts, each dissecting a crucial aspect of Putin's rule:

The Fall of the Oligarchs: The film begins with Putin's early presidency, highlighting his strategic subjugation of powerful oligarchs like Boris Berezovsky and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, thereby consolidating power.

Khodorkovsky: A deep dive into the downfall of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, illustrating how his arrest and the dismantling of Yukos signified the end of influential oligarchs in Russian politics.

"Siloviki" (Security Services)The documentary examines the role of Russia's security services in Putin's power structure, revealing a silent purge within these organizations to solidify loyalty.

Opposition: It discusses the systematic eradication of both systemic and non-systemic opposition, culminating in the rise and suppression of Alexei Navalny.

Is a Revolution Possible in Russia?: This section critically analyzes the feasibility of a revolution in Russia, considering the deeply entrenched state propaganda and suppression of dissent.

Revolt: The film touches upon Prigozhin's failed revolt, suggesting a possible internal elite rebellion against Putin.

The System: It argues that Putin is a product of a system he created, which now controls him, leading to a neo-feudal fascist regime in Russia.

Epilogue: The documentary concludes with a speculative look at the future, warning of the potential for an expanded authoritarian bloc comprising Russia and China, and the implications for global stability.

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