The Wonderful Future of “Raissia” 01.04.2022

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."

(c) Mao Zedong

It's hardly surprising that this year Russia is expected to undergo significant political changes related to the Kremlin's act of military aggression against Ukraine. As I wrote back in late February, Russia has been completely defeated in this war. This was actually planned by certain circles. I publicly spoke about it during the primaries for the State Duma in 2016, albeit with a slight mistake in identifying the show's authorship. At that time, Alexander Kozlovsky obtained his parliamentary mandate through Andrei Turchak. The people of Pskov obediently voted for Kozlovsky, and now they are receiving coffins with their relatives who died in the most idiotic war in history. By the way, there is complete silence in Pskov and the region about this, even though it would have been the perfect time to raise their voices. Meanwhile, the Russian authorities are so afraid of what is happening that the FSB quietly destroyed the local opposition at the very beginning of the conflict and implemented unprecedented censorship.

But let's not talk about the opposition. The truth is, there is no real opposition in Russia anymore. Someday, I will write or make a video where I will tell you all about billionaire Boris Nemtsov and the boot-licking Grigory Yavlinsky on Old Square, as well as many other Russian "opposition figures" who gave fascist Putin the green light everywhere. But that will be sometime in the future, or maybe never. But definitely not now. Now, let's talk about the "Wonderful Future of Russia" and what awaits the silent Russian masses in the near future.

A year and a half ago, I wrote an article called "Russia: The Lame Era'." In that piece, I outlined what was happening in the country at the time. However, some groomed Russian "systemic politicians" refused to endure the "Era of Defending the Homeland" until the moment they themselves could take the stage and rule. And that's how the current war on Ukrainian territory came about.

Honestly, I believed until the very end that Putin and his loyal circle would have the common sense not to resort to a full-scale war in the heart of Europe against a country that is the largest in terms of territory among European countries. Moreover, Ukraine in 2022 is not the same Ukraine as after the Euromaidan. For 8 years, the residents of Ukraine observed the "Russian world" in the DPR and LPR, and as we can all see, they didn't like this "world." Ukraine is also not modern-day Kazakhstan, where earlier this year Putin sent Russian troops to eliminate the "Nazarbayev GEBN" and strengthen the power of Tokayev, after which Kazakhstan was divided between Russia and China. But as we can see, those crazy steps were taken by Vladimir Putin. And the new circle surrounding the current Russian President played a role in that.

Since his reelection in 2018, Vladimir Putin has relied on the most inadequate elements within his circle, including those from "Rostec" and the "crazy chef" Yevgeny Prigozhin. Initially, this led to the complete defeat of the already decorative Russian "non-systemic" opposition, and then an unprecedented tightening of screws within the country. Vladimir Putin also became deeply involved in the ideology of the "chthonic" Alexander Dugin, who was the ideologue of the National Bolshevik Party since its creation in 1994. It is not difficult to imagine the consequences of a president who is hooked on the absolutely fascist ideology of Dugin and who has surrounded himself with "crazies" like Prigozhin and opportunists like Volodin and Turchak. And indeed, he has caused them.

Putin currently fervently believes that he is building a "Russian world." He hates the West, adores China, and wants to combine the Russian Empire with the USSR of the Stalin era. Apparently, no one warned Putin that the civilized world, including his beloved China, has long lived by the ideals of the post-industrial era, in which the "chthonic ground squirrel" cannot survive even with a nuclear bomb. However, China can be understood - Beijing has long dreamed of expanding its borders, at least as far as the Urals, and potentially reaching the Baltic and Black Seas. And at the moment, that is the biggest threat to both Russia and the West.

This is where the most interesting part begins. I don't know in which year certain "bright minds" in Vladimir Putin's circle had the idea to get rid of the "stale king" and "rule and own everything themselves." I believe it happened long before 2013. The first attempt to involve Russia in a major war was made in 2014, but it failed. Crimea joined Russia almost without a fight, and the Donbas was resolved with minimal casualties. The sanctions from the West were mostly symbolic at that time.

But in February 2022, the whole world witnessed the epic invasion of hungry, frostbitten marginals, lacking fuel and supplies, into Ukrainian territory. In the early days of the war, I deliberately shared videos of captured Russian soldiers to show who was sent to fight in Ukraine. The majority of them were conscripts or contract soldiers who had just signed agreements with the Ministry of Defense. Prior to that, this "army" had been stationed for several weeks in the fields of Belarus, as well as Rostov, Kursk, and Belgorod. In other words, they sent those who may have only seen a gun for the second time in their lives after taking their oath. They were frostbitten, had two days' worth of dry rations, and lacked well-organized logistics. Therefore, it is no surprise that almost the entire "army" was defeated on the Russian-speaking territory of Ukraine by local Russian-speaking lads with Mosin-Nagant rifles. They never reached the western regions of Ukraine, where supposedly mythical "Nazi-Banderovtsy" were supposed to reside. Furthermore, for a visual depiction of who the real fascists are in the world, the Russian army leveled the Russian-speaking Mariupol, as well as entire neighborhoods in Russian-speaking Chernihiv, Kharkiv, and Sumy.

What is happening now is the greatest betrayal of Russia in its history. It has been deliberately and openly planned for years, is happening right now, and has the most catastrophic consequences for Russia. And yet, the Russian masses run around with a half-swastika in the shape of the letter "Z." Meanwhile, Russian special services seemingly increase heroin supplies for their new friends from the Taliban. By the way, I will also tell you in the near future, with a plethora of facts and names, how a narco-empire has been created under the "protection" of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia.

The true "Wonderful Future of Russia" is soon to come. Vladimir Putin (along with a disloyal part of the Russian elite) will be accused of all sins, and a new "Shitty Turchak" will come to power as a result of a new "20th Congress." However, as I have written before, nothing will change for the better for Russia - the screws will be tightened to the extreme. The standard of living will plummet to the extreme. The thousands of Russian soldiers who died will soon be forgotten. And it is unlikely that the West will lift the sanctions on Russia. The only path for the "Wonderful Future of Russia" will lead to the embrace of communist China with its concentration camps and social credits. Russian masses will continue to serve as cannon fodder to Great China. It is time for the EU and the US to seriously consider this. Comrade Xi, who follows in the footsteps of Stalin, is not like the "chthonic Putin," who is currently going to hell.

Dmitrii Ershov, political analyst.

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