A life plot 12.08.2017

Your life lasts short!Do you find your spot?Were your feelings hot?Because it's real your life plot!Сохранить

Hot Istanbul! 11.08.2017

Istanbul was remembered for me hot, noisy and chaotic... I perfectly meditated and I was walking along the quay at the Sea of Marmara there. And there is a wonderful airan and a ho ...

Road to Nowhere 11.08.2017

Night in the streetAnd Moon in the sky...I go to nowhere...I don't know "Why?"I look only you,It's my survey...When you disappeared...I wanted to die!I'm looking on stars,It couldn ...

Fate editing 11.08.2017

You were given in this world permit!Can you your life the best edit?To withstand strong fate hit...And to turn again in the ash bit!Сохранить

Just Malta is… 10.08.2017

I took photos in Malta not only in the photocam. All these photos were taken on the phone. These photos are both from Malta, and from Gozo. Beautiful views. Magical atmosphere. I l ...