Hurt me… 13.08.2017

Don't leave me,It's the strongest pain!Forgive me...If you aren't all the same!Hurt me...But run with me on the one way!Never forget me..."Vale!" never me say!Give yourself me,With ...

Working Dnestrovsc 13.08.2017

Dnestrovsс is located in the south of Transnistria. It's a large industrial center of the republic. There is a large power plant, Moldavskaya GRES, today owned by Inter RAO UES. At ...

Take thought… 13.08.2017

If a day looks like a day,And nothing new is in the way!Take thought... And run awayTo find for a new life holy key!

Heroic Bender 12.08.2017

Bender it's the second most important city in Transnistria, after Tiraspol. There aren't a lot of photos from Bender. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of the Bender fortress. An ...

A life plot 12.08.2017

Your life lasts short!Do you find your spot?Were your feelings hot?Because it's real your life plot!Сохранить